Learning, Fun & Creativity

Practical Life

We offer activities related to the day-to-day goings-on in the child’s life. From buttering a slice of bread to buttoning his own shirt, the child is offered activities that help him on the road to self-reliance. 

Sensory Work

The sensorial materials, each of which is scientifically prepared, help the child in ordering, categorizing and naming his experiences of the physical world.


Language activities are focused on vocabulary enrichment, phonetics, writing and reading. 


Mathematical materials help the children build concrete concepts relating to numbers and the laws of the decimal system. Once these laws have been discovered by the child, working with large numbers is play!

Outdoor Play

Our work day begins with outdoor play! Children have the opportunity to play, socialise and explore our large outdoor space as soon as they come in in the morning. Regular neighbourhood walks also evoke a sense of adventure. 


Movement is integral and built into the very fabric of the Montessori environment. Every activity encourages careful, graceful and economic range of movements, both large and small on the part of the child. 

Arts + Crafts

From mixing colours as a sensory activity, the children progress to using their own hands and feet to create art. Apart from the weekly art sessions, every festival and occasion is marked with an art/craft activity.


Regular rhyme sessions include a range of carefully selected rhymes and songs in English and the vernacular languages, that are meaningful and fun for the child. 

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