Shruthi Shanbhog

Samanvay is run by people who are passionate about early childhood education through Montessori method. Our daughter enjoyed going to Samanvay every day and I cannot recall a single day during the last 3.5 yrs when she would have wanted to miss school. In Samanvay, the Montessori method of teaching is not compromised due to pressure of preparing kids for Class-1 admission. However, the fundamental skills are well honed such that kids completing the preschool here are well equipped for next level of education. Here attention is paid for wholistic development of the kids that includes teaching in multitude of areas like natural science, arts, motor skills, practical life activities, sensorial activities, language skills, mathematics and cultural activities.

Kishore A K

Samanvay is an amazing starting place for any child during their foundational years. Kaushal, Savitha and the entire team are doing a phenomenal job! I personally never enjoyed schooling. When my wife and I were looking for a play school for my son, naturally I was very skeptical. We had visited a few other schools before we came to Samanvay. We really liked the place. There was something calm and welcoming about it. We also liked Kaushal's vision & outlook towards early schooling. She also properly introduced us to the 'Montessori' method of schooling. Post that the researcher in me woke up and I thoroughly explored the various alternative approaches to education versus the traditional schooling system (that I had barely managed to survive). Over the years, we really enjoyed watching our son learn, grow and thrive at Samanvay. We can see a difference in his attitude and behavior in contrast to his peers who went through a different system. With this strong foundation in place, we feel he is well prepared to take on the next set of challenges.

I am now in general more optimistic and curious about schooling. In that sense, I am a 'convert' now. Samanvay for us is 'Montessori done right'. The team is open-minded, always welcoming and smiling. We could not have asked for more and in fact, we feel we got lucky! Thanks, Team Samanvay! Keep up the good work!

Sonali Bhasin

True Montessori environment with really caring and loving teachers. We are truly fortunate to have chosen Samanvay for our son. Individual attention is given to each child and we are really happy to see holistic growth in our child. Thanks team Samanvay .

Neeraj Jain

Samanvay gives lot of freedom and time for kids to learn. It makes learning as fun. It feels great when you see your kid rolling up your mat and putting things at place and at times instructs you as well to place the things properly at home. It feels great when suddenly you find your kid is observing things very closely while travelling in a car, telling you about few traffic signs and often tells you to be watchful as he sees the hump sign board. The environment of Samanvay is so nice that after spending 3.5 hours in montessori, kids talks about it next four hours at home :) Someone rightly said that "A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer" but a good school and good group of teachers can make those answers really interesting.

Needless to say, Samanvay is a great place for kids to learn, play with lot of fun activities and occasional celebrations. Kudos to Kaushal and team for setting up such a beautiful environment.

Shyla Gangadharappa

It’s a place where children are taught not only academics but also how to be in day today life, there basic lifestyle, everything, it's all-in-all, I Love sending my child to Samanvya Montessori.

Janaki Kuhan

My son was with samanvay for the past three years. I am very happy with his continuous progress during these days. It is an excellent Montessori which follows 100 % Montessori methods. Kaushal and his team put in lot of efforts with more dedication. I am very happy that I had selected Samanvay for my son. The warmth from the Samanvay faculty is felt by both the kids and the parents alike. In short, Samanvay is truly a confluence of ‘people’ ‘passion’ and ‘education’.

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