Why Montessori

Diverse Learning Environments

Montessori is a method of schooling that focuses on personal development. It discourages traditional competitive measurements of achievement, such as grades and tests, and instead focuses on the individual progress and development of each child.

The focus is on learning through doing. Children of different ages share an ‘environment’, and are encouraged to collaborate and help each other.

In this environment, there is no direct instruction from an Adult or a Facilitator. Special educational materials, developed through intense scientific research, are used to impart concepts, whether relating to arithmetic, science, language, botany, geography, etc. Every concept is offered to the hands and the senses of the child. There is also an emphasis on practical life skills.


Research has shown that across a range of abilities, children from Montessori Houses fare better than those receiving a traditional education. They are more mature, creative, socially-adept and perform better in arithmetic and language.

It would be a great boost to the child, if in his formative age, he receives the kind of education that gives him the freedom to learn life skills that will hold him in good stead during the coming years. We need to understand that the child is not an empty vessel into which we pour information. Instead, he is the constructor of his own personality. All we need to do, as Facilitators, is afford him the freedom to do so and provide him a conducive environment to do it in. This is possible

in a Montessori environment.


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